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This site is dedicated to the West Bridgeford Football Club. Their team was created in 2011 as an exit route for the senior players. The team saw immediate success and a number of impressive layers that helped create a strong, stable team and club. The strength of the team and the potential of the players landed them a spot in the East Midlands Counties League. This league is what is known as the Step 6 league which is the key to the FA vase which is an annual tournament for teams at this level league (i.e. below step or level 4).

The team is one of many in the league and it was in 2015’s season that the men’s division was promoted to an impressive third-place finish in the Nottinghamshire Senior League. This promotion neither their first nor last, thanks to some skilled players who turned managers, two in particular (Stuart Robinson and Chris Marks), this promotion was actually their fifth promotion.

Their success didn’t stop there, this promotion got them into step 6 but the players and team were the ones who carried and made themselves the best team in the league, claiming the number one spot. Perhaps, the most impressive thing about the team was that they could attract investors and league professionals and that is how the league championship and title came after only six short years of their existence.

Check out this site for all the information on the league, team, and sport. Stay updated, always.

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