Fun Football Facts

  • Soccer was conceptualised by prisoners who had their hands cut off in England and therefore needed a game to play without their hands.
  • The actual ball had 32 panels on it and it represented the countries of Europe – 1 panel for each and every country.
  • No matter where you live and whether you know it as football or soccer, it used to be basketball because the nets used to be baskets.
  • Why is the field called a pitch? Because one side of the pitch is ever so slanted upwards and that is also why teams switch at halftime, so both the teams have a chance to play up and downhill.
  • The first World Cup was actually made of paper but was destroyed by heavy rains and had to be redesigned for obvious reasons.
  • The panels make the football ball look round in shape but it is actually oval.
  • Queen Elizabeth II dressed down and disguised herself in her teenage years so she could join in on the pickup games of football.
  • In a 90-minute match, a professional player will run between 48-50 kilometres.
  • The football was at one time made of human stomachs. They used executed prisoners to extract them.
  • The shoes used are often called hooves, but Americans know them as cleats.
  • Canada’s national sport is actually football though many think and believe it to be hockey.
  • Football was outlawed in the UK as it used to be very violent, and was actually illegal in other places, including Mississippi where it was illegal all the way up to 1991.
  • There was a match in Brazil once where a 13-year old scored all of the goals for his team who won 23-0.
  • Football is popular all over the world, even in third world countries where they use makeshift balls if they cannot afford an actual ball.

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