West Bridgeford’s Sporting History

The small town in Nottinghamshire England (south of the city) is basically a suburb of the city. It has a rich history of sports and sporting events and is best known for its facilities and rich sporting history.

This history dates back to 1865 when the Nottingham Forest Football Club was first created. The club still exists today. It has played at the City Ground since 1898. The team/club has won a number of European Cups and Football League Cups. They have also bred some of the best British players of today.

There are several other local teams, including West Bridgeford Colts, that may be one of the biggest and best teams around. The team draws over one thousand members annually and has over fifty (50) teams. The draw for this team extends across nearby cities and sometimes even across the country.

The Holy Spirit Celtic Sports Club also offers coaching and football opportunities. There are local adult leagues including AFC Bridgeford which is just a casual Saturday soccer team.

There is a heavy presence of cricket with local cricket clubs that draws those from the surrounding area.

The Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre is right beside West Bridgeford and is actually the country’s premier centre for all things water sports. There are fantastic olympic-style training facilities available at the centre.

Rugby, like many other British towns, is prominent in West Bridgeford as well. There are a number of clubs including Nottingham Moderns RFC.

There is a hockey club that actually bred the Olympic gold medalist Helen Richardson-Walsh.

Evidently, this small suburb houses a number of different sportspersons and teams, and boasts a rich sporting heritage and history. There are resources for athletes of all ages, sizes, talent and experience levels. No matter what you’re into, West Bridgeford has something for you.

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